Strippd TV Advert Launching Soon!

Rascal Bettered their best to create Ad for Strippd

Set against the deserted city streets, our latest TV commercial gives an insight into the thoughts, doubt and struggles of a woman as she pushes herself to better her best on an early morning run.

Rascal was awarded the job after successfully pitching via Universal Media to create the campaign launch for a completely new brand and product.

Fitness in a new light

STRIPPD wanted to take a fresh approach to the often masculine and glamorised imagery used in the protein shake and fitness supplements sector. Our brief was to focus purely on ‘real women’ and resonate with the target audience in a way that felt authentic and honest.

Rascal handled the creative from beginning to end, everything from the concept to script writing, producing, directing, editing and grading was all handled in house. Working with one of our independent music producers then enabled us to compose a bespoke track for the commercial and give it premium audio quality.