Strategic Creative

Idea is everything. Using planning and strategy to create ideas with insight.
Marketing is no longer about the products you make, but the stories you tell. It’s not enough to create beautiful wallpaper so before we pick up a camera or reach for the Mac, we stop, ask questions and think, and think some more. In order to engage our audience, we need to tell stories that resonate. Using strategy, insight and data we provide ideas that work to drive sales and change by asking three questions…

1. What’s the right story to tell?

With every brief, we start here. By asking ‘why?’ and being honest about the market, brand and audience we find true insights that indicate the right brand or product story to tell to our audience in a way that will engage them and disrupt the market.

2. Who are we telling it to?

Knowing our audience is essential when telling a story. Using consumer insights and search data we can craft our ideas and thinking relevant to the audience to ensure we are telling the right story to the right customer.

3. How do we tell it?

From TV and print to digital, radio and of course social content, the story we’re telling will be tailored to each media to ensure it remains effective and consistent across all platforms.


Having launched the initiative in 2017 we’ve proven to clients how prioritising video can be the most cost effective approach. Motion Marketing allows our clients to maximise any video shoot to provide a library of extra assets such as stills, GIF’s and video teasers for online, print and social in a cost and time effective manner.