O2 Tracks

App Design & Digital Marketing

About Project
Getting the nation talking by voting for the No 1 track of all time.
O2 Tracks is an app that gives users nonstop access to The Official Top 40 on their phone without streaming. To support the TV and print work, we created an online campaign to start a social debate that asked the nation to vote for their ultimate top 40 singles since the charts began.

The Site

O2 Tracks is a responsive, interactive showcase site for their UK Top 40 app, O2 Tracks. Users are able to experience the app through an emulator and are able to vote for their Ultimate Top 40 track. Using an Apache Solr powered search, users can find and listen to 30 second samples of any track before they vote.


A national TV ad was created to promote the app further, written and created by Mankind’s sister company, Rascal Creative and featuring the Brit award winning artist Emile Sande.

Emily Sande 02

Digital Ads

Using an emulator of the app we invited our audience to interact and play songs direct from our rich media banner advertising and digi 6 sheets in shopping centres. This worked as a hook to direct users to download the app or visit the O2 Tracks website.